The Little Water Prince


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These Hours can Seem Long

In the Middle of the night, just two nights ago. I found myself laying in bed.

Anxiety found its way into my mind and rest would not come easily.

I started whispering to myself, talking it all out. Figuring out what it was that was bothering me, what Facts I had to face and What things I couldn’t control.

I accepted my past and no longer regret what I have regretted. I am a Human and I have the capability to learn from my mistakes and history.

I remembered being very young and staring out into the darkness of me and my siblings room. whispering to myself at early hours of the night. or walking around the kitchen, toe then heel on each odd square embedded into the cheap trailer house flooring. 

That is what helped me collect who I was and be ok with what I could be. Thats what I needed. 

I needed to talk it out. aloud. Even when I did not feel I was close to anyone, and had no one to turn to or trust. I needed to whisper it aloud and find my Center.

Remember who I am, What I believe, What I want. What I need. What I can not control.

And the night seeped from my window and into my eyes as I fell asleep. That Night I had the most beautiful dream I feel that I have ever had.

The images were divine and the feelings and smells were enchanting.

When I woke up I smiled. I knew I was going to be ok.

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